Coffee isn’t just coffee…

At the heart of business is coffee. We ensure from farm to cup our team is involved in every step of the process.

Sourcing quality coffee in a responsible way is central to the CaféPod philosophy. We work with partners that we have committed relationships with, and together we select the right coffees for the CaféPod range.

Understanding the supply chain from source is of huge importance to us too, and our coffee experts regularly travel to coffee growing countries to talk directly with farmers about their crops, and to work with them on improving quality.



Once we’ve selected our coffees we cup (or taste) them several times from the producing country through to the finished coffee capsule to make sure every batch meets a standard we’re happy with.

This starts with checking the coffee before it’s shipped, then when it arrives in the UK, when it comes to our roastery, and this continues right up to the point when we have a final taste test before all our coffee capsules leave for the supermarket shelves.

By using a blend of coffees in each of our capsules we can create a flavour profile more balanced and complex than the individual parts. It also allows us to work with the ever changing natural product that coffee is.

Because coffee will look, roast, and taste differently over time our ongoing quality checks help us identify when we need to use our blending expertise and knowledge to ensure we bring you the same cup.



Our Italian-made drum roasters use part craft and part science to ensure that the very best of flavours are extracted from every bean.

We combine our skill in tasting and sense of smell with computer software to ensure every batch perfectly develops the flavour of our coffee.

So what makes Clever Coffee Capsules, well… so clever…..?

They may look pretty simple but, in one small coffee capsule, we’ve managed to bring together the best of nature and technology to allow you to enjoy your perfect coffee, time and time again in your Nespresso machine.

CaféPod has invested in development and research to make sure that whenever you create a coffee using our Clever Coffee Capsules, you’re enjoying quality espresso, easily, simply, at the touch of a button.

We’ve distilled all the elements of a great coffee and squeezed them into one small capsule – which means that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.