In the Press

July 2016

South Africans shake up the London coffee industry

Power FM | 13th July 2016

Peter talks to Lawrence and Ayanda-Allie about the origin of CaféPod.

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South Africans shake up the London coffee industry

ENCA | 12th July 2016

Brent is interviewed on eNCA, and speaks about the highs and the lows of a startup.

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May 2016

Fix Your Focus: How Entrepreneurs Hack Productivity

MinuteHack | 9th May 2016

Peter writes about the secret formula for motivation and productivity.

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The science behind staying productive

Virgin | 3rd May 2016

The science of Getting Things Done, by Peter.

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March 2016

Fuel Success

City AM | 23rd March 2016

Peter’s tips to power through the work day.

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Jan 2016

Cafépod Telegraph Business Club

Telegraph Business Club | 21st Jan 2016

The CaféPod team on the start and the future of the brand.

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Nov 2015

Learn From the Experts

Telegraph Business Club | 25th Nov 2015

Brent is listed as one of the Telegraph Business Club’s business experts.

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