How to power through 2017 Posted by CaféPod on Jan 23, 2017

Here are our top tips for taking on the New Year

Whether you’ve got resolutions to keep, or just want to make a change, do something to fuel your ambitions in 2017.

Find your mission

What are you about, and what do you want to get done this year? Think about it, and keep this in mind while you’re going after your goals.


Get active

Get active, get motivated, get going. Feeling good about what you’re doing will help you achieve more this year. Find out how we got active with our first British Military Fitness workout here.

CaféPod's first British Military Fitness session in Wandsworth Common
CaféPod team Photo


Forget about what they might think

Stop worrying, just do you. Don’t let anything (or anyone) hold you back this year, and go for it.


Just say yes

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Say yes to something new - you never know what might happen.

Say Yes


Stop procrastinating

Don’t get in your own way. Catch yourself when you’re thinking of reasons not to do something, and motivate yourself to do it. Think about why you made this goal in the first place, and achieve it.


Do something that scares you

Think of one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but been afraid of doing. Make it happen. Always imagined running a marathon? Start training, and make it possible! Want to play in a band? Pick up an instrument. It doesn’t have to be impressive, it just has to make an impression on you.


Travel more

See more and experience more. Take to the skies (or the road, or the sea), and get out of your normal environment. Learn something new.

Trekking in the mountains


Stay motivated

Can’t find the energy? Take a minute, grab a good, strong coffee, and you’re ready to be productive. Go to our online shop to power through 2017.