Our first British Military Fitness workout Posted by CaféPod on Jan 20, 2017

Find out how we fared at our first BMF training session

Like many of you, we’ve marched into the New Year, set our resolutions and are determined to keep fit and healthy in 2017 (and provide good, strong coffee along the way, of course).

Luckily for us, we have our new partner, BMF, to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Watch how we got on with our first session

On a blisteringly cold Thursday morning in January, the CaféPod team gathered together on Wandsworth Common, prepared to meet thy doom… or so we thought.

Prepped with a flask of the good, strong stuff, we shot our Superchargers, threw down our cups [into a recycle bin], and followed our ex-Marine trainer, Keith, onto the green.

One hour of press-ups, sit-ups and games later, we felt energised to get back into the office and get sh*t done.

Keith’s infectious enthusiasm and drive had everyone wanting more, banishing all former predictions of a Sergeant Foley-type from our minds. He expertly catered for all of our fitness levels, too – encouraging the BMF virgins among us, and pushing the fitness junkies to their limits.

The whole experience left us with a great sense of achievement, from both a fitness and team-building perspective. – It’s amazing what an hour of getting and down and dirty with your colleagues can do.

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"Love a coffee, and I use it pre-workout"


BMF Regional Manager and ex-Marine


BMF are passionate about bringing the fun back into outdoor fitness, using group exercise led by military-trained professionals to deliver real, life-changing results.