The Ultimate Productivity Hack Posted by CaféPod on Dec 31, 2016

CaféPod reveals scientific secrets to supercharge your day.

It was created in collaboration with Dr Owen Bain, a pharmacist and nutrition and performance consultant in response to new research about our productivity habits, which revealed how we might be wasting untapped potential. According to Dr Bain and CaféPod, we’re going about it the wrong way but using scientific research we can supercharge the potential of our body and mind by combining the perfect blend of coffee, music and food.

The survey of 1,300 coffee drinkers revealed:

  • Time of day: most reach peak performance in the afternoon with 79% feeling most energised at this time. Age also has an impact with the over 55s more likely to get a boost in the morning and almost a quarter of under 25s less productive before lunchtime

  • Caffeine boost: Surprisingly, over a third (36%) of coffee drinkers aren’t drinking coffee to help them get their work done and nearly half of our coffee drinkers don’t turn to coffee for a pre-workout energy boost

  • Sound inspiration: The youngest amongst us, 18-24’s (43%), find music stimulating while older generations might be missing out - with just 11% of over 55s relying on a musical boost

CaféPod Productivity Hack

The CaféPod Productivity Hack Graphic Explained

Timing your coffee boost
  • Morning glory: drink your first cup of coffee one hour after waking up - downing a coffee before this time is counterproductive as our bodies release a natural stress hormone, cortisol, that only starts to decrease after an hour of being awake

  • Window of opportunity: peak performance is reached 20 minutes after a cup of coffee when you will start to be more alert and have increased concentration, and be less likely to make mistakes

  • Workout wonder: coffee can literally make you faster, so much so that athletes use it as an energy boost. It can increase performance of both endurance and intense exercise. It stimulates parts of the brain involved with motor processes that help you move.
Soundtrack to success
  • Mood booster: A study found those who listen to music complete their tasks faster and were more creative than those who didn't because music improved their mood. Dr Bain explains, "when you are in a positive mood you are more likely to enter a flow state where high volumes of work can be accomplished. Clearly it is dependent on the person and the music they like, but music without lyrics is best as it is less distracting"

  • Concentration: A study from Stanford University showed that music actually engages the area of the brain involved in paying attention and making predictions.
Sugar crash
  • While your brain is only 2% of your body weight, it uses 25% of the body's energy consumption. Even more if you have an exceptionally busy day. Therefore your brain needs a steady supply of glucose.

  • For those who reach for a sweeter pick-me-up, Dr Bain warns that "food and drink containing high levels of sugar can impair concentration and performance" so sweetened coffees might do more harm than good.

  • Sugar can actually impair your cognitive function (learning skills) and cause memory defects as it impairs a key hormone for growing new neurons in the hippocampus, the memory centre of the brain.

  • The peak amount of sugar to maintain mental performance is no more than 30g, spread out throughout the day. This is less than the average can of fizzy sugary drinks.


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