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The EcoPress offers a mess free solution to recycling our Aluminium Nespresso Coffee Pods.

Did you know that your used pods could end up in landfill if the grounds aren’t washed out? Even though the aluminium casing is 100% home recyclable, it can be tough getting them clean. The EcoPress effortlessly inverts your used pods, storing the old coffee grounds for later disposal, giving you a mostly clean pod casing which need just a light rinse. Don’t forget to stack your cleaned pods to the height of a can to ensure they get recycled properly.

The ingenious, handheld EcoPress removes the coffee grounds from the capsules allowing for quick and easy recycling. The durable ABS plastic construction is dishwasher-friendly, for easy cleaning, and it will hold up to ten pods' worth of old coffee grounds.
Aluminium Pod Recycler

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