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One Brew Coffee Infuser
3 cup / 1 mug / Black

The OneBrew is for busy coffee lovers who enjoy pressed coffee but do not enjoy the hassle. The press has been removed and replaced with a patent pending filter that makes preparation, sediment disposal and cleaning simple and easy. Simply spoon coffee, add hot water in the beaker, push in the filter, leave to brew and serve.

  • Great freshly brewed coffee without the need for a press.
  • The quick clean design means you can make another fresh coffee without a full clean - simply rinse and go again.
  • Heat resistant non-slip silicone base to protect surfaces.
  • Patent pending filter design allows easy removal of fines for disposal.
  • Designed to brew tea as well as coffee.
  • Easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.
    3 cup / 1 mug / Black