Strength: 9 Lungo Capsules: 10

£2.99 Per Pack
A firm favourite, our Guatemala is a perfectly balanced, creamy cocoa-led coffee.

One pack of 10 capsules equates to just 30p per cup!

The shade-grown Arabica beans of Guatemala Antigua ripen in a microclimate circled by three volcanoes, and have a flavour profile unique among the country’s coffees. The region’s dry sunny days and cool nights are perfect for fruit maturation and processing. After removing the pulp of the fruit, farmers hand-rake their beans on patios over two weeks, resulting in a perfectly balanced, creamy cocoa-led coffee.

Not Quite Sure?

This product has a minimum order quantity of 5 packs. We’re certain you’ll love the taste, but if you’re not sure, one of our discovery packs might be right for you instead.


We have just used these for the first time and will definitely buy them again.

Victor Jemmett 05/09/16

Prompt delivery and great tasting.

Delivered quickly, fits the Nespresso machine and no additional packaging on the capsules meaning they can be used in the capsule racks.

David 06/06/16

Great taste

The pods worked perfectly and the coffee was just as good as Nespresso

Paul Fashola 22/03/16