About CaféPod

At the beginning, we didn’t say to ourselves, ‘let’s build a business’. We have a restless curiosity and drive, and CaféPod came about in response to fundamentally solving a problem. People enjoyed the convenience of having a capsule machine at home, but they struggled to get a hold of the capsules. We said, ‘We think we can solve this problem. Let’s give it a go.’ And that’s how CaféPod began. That was in 2011.

CaféPod founders Brent Hadfield & Peter Grainger

We're a straightforward, straight talking company. We’re pretty informal in the way we approach life, business and our customers. But we have an intense passion in our approach to the coffee we make, as well as the type of business that we want to build.

We've travelled up and down the UK and to far corners of Europe searching for people to help us – from roasters we could trust with our vision and assist in sourcing great coffee, to engineers building first of a kind machines, to other entrepreneurs who saw a little bit of themselves in us and our journey and nudged us in the right direction when it was needed.

CaféPod is all about creating, doing, living, accomplishing; optimism, simplicity and positivity. Our coffee – it’s not about chilling, it’s about getting up and doing.

We’re a young company with a young mind-set, a restless drive. We’re hugely ambitious and proud of it. We’re entrepreneurs in spirit and practice. Our business is coffee, but our mission is really to help people do more and good, strong coffee is the best way to get started.

Video: Behind the scenes at CaféPod coffee capsules

Behind the scenes at CaféPod

From interviews with our co-founders, Peter and Brent, to footage of our factory, you’ll discover how we got CaféPod off the ground and how we make the coffee that keeps you fuelled throughout the day.

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