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The V60 is no normal filter. Designed so the water flows perfectly over a thicker layer of coffee, the V60 makes a stronger coffee than a normal filter. So simple and so effective!

The Brew Kit You'll Need

V60 / Coffee Dripper




Freshly Ground Coffee


Brew the Best V60 Coffee

Step #01

Place the V60 on top of your mug and add the filter.

Step #02

Rinse the filter with boiling water until it is fully damp. Discard the water (which will have nicely warmed your mug).

If you are grinding the coffee beans yourself go for medium fine setting. If using ground coffee use a filter or omni grind like our Intense Roast.

Step #03

Add one heaped tablespoon of coffee to the filter and tap it so it sits level.

Step #04

Pour just enough water to cover the coffee grounds and wait 15 seconds. The coffee will bloom and expand. Stir lightly to break the crust.

Step #05

Slowly pour the remaining water (220ml). Either pour slowly and continuously in a spiral motion around the filter OR pour in small bursts waiting every time for the water to seep through between every pour.

Step #06

When all the water has dripped through (around 3 minutes) discard the filter paper and coffee.  Pour and enjoy!

Need the Coffee & Kit