Quality In, Quality Out


Coffee Quality

Quality in, quality out.  Never is there a truer statement than in the world of coffee.  We agonise over the smallest detail when it comes to making our coffees because those small details are everything.  We've made ourselves the coffee capsule experts because that’s all we do.


Sourcing UK Roastery Craftsmanship

The best coffee expert to help source great quality coffee from around the world

An excellent roasting partner who understands our mission and only believes in top quality output

Machinery created from superb Italian engineering to make our coffee capsules

Coffee Sourcing Expert John Thompson All the coffee in our coffee capsules is roasted in the UK Coffee capsules quality control


We work with partners that we have committed relationships with, and together we select the right coffees for our range. Our coffee experts regularly travel to coffee growing countries to talk directly with farmers about their crops.


Our Italian-made drum roasters use part craft and part science to ensure that the very best of flavours are extracted from every bean. We combine our skill in tasting and sense of smell with computer software to ensure every batch perfectly develops the flavour of each coffee.

Quality Control

Once we've selected our coffees we cup (or taste) them several times from the producing country through to the finished coffee capsule to make sure every batch meets a standard we’re happy with.