How to Make... Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee the CaféPod way

The days are darker, the nights are colder. Sometimes you need a little extra kick. So here’s a good, strong recipe for a pick-me-up on a winter evening.


About 200ml coffee
50ml Irish whiskey
2 tsp soft brown muscovado sugar
50ml double cream, slightly whipped
Nutmeg, to decorate

Great made with Sumatra, Guatemala or Livewire


1. Fill a heatproof glass with hot water. Leave it for a couple of minutes to warm the glass. 

2. Empty the water and put the sugar in the glass.

3. Pour on 2 lungos of good, strong coffee. Stir.

4. Add the whiskey

5. Gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon onto the top.

Try making it with: