How to Make...White Russian

how to make...White Russian

It's an evening drink with a good, strong coffee kick, and it's brilliant all year round. Here’s our perfect White Russian.


2 shots vodka
1 shot kahlua
1 shot cream
½ shot espresso (cooled) 

Great with Supercharger, Ristretto or even Decaf


Combine in a shaker with ice, and pour over ice in a tumbler.

The choice of espresso is all yours of course. We've got three we'd recommend. Which one is best for you all depends on how intense an experience you want.

You could opt for Supercharger and turn it up to 12. It's not for the faint of heart.

Or there's Ristretto. In CaféPod terms, a less intense blend than Supercharger, but it'll still knock your socks off.

Or perhaps Decaf. Maybe it's too close to bedtime to pack the caffeine. But this one will add the CaféPod punch without keeping you awake.

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