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The Top 25 Things That Help Brits Get Through The Working Week


5.06pm on a Sunday afternoon has been pinpointed as the official time that the nation’s FOMM (Fear of Monday Morning) kicks in, with women feeling it earlier at 4.42pm and men at 5.24pm, according to research by CafePod Coffee Company.


Come Monday morning, it seems that Brits are so tired they have adopted some unusual ways of waking themselves up, with many sleeping with their curtains open, having a cold shower, walking around naked or booking an early delivery to force themselves out of bed. While these are the more wacky ways to get going in the morning, the most common are getting dressed straight away so you can’t get back into bed, having a strong coffee and setting your alarm clock at maximum volume. The alarm clock is THE most dreaded thing about the morning, with 42% of Brits putting it top of their hate list, followed by not waking up naturally (40%) and the thought of a long work day ahead (32%).


Brits are similarly adopting a range of tactics to help them get through the working week. The poll of 1, 500 UK adults by CafePod identifies the top 25 things that most help us to keep going throughout the day, with the top three being; having something to look forward to after work (26%), thinking about what’s for dinner (21%) and looking at holidays online during work (14%). Not surprisingly, chocolate (28%), coffee (33%), social media (21%) and regular snacks (21%) are our top survival tactics, with others including; having a work from home day (12%), catching up on a Netflix series on the way to work (11%) and making lists rather than doing the actual work (7%).


The research from CafePod also reveals the top 15 things that we’re most thankful for during our working week:

  • Pay day:  48%
  • Finding a fiver in your purse/pocket:  37%
  • People using common sense:  30%
  • Coffee:  29%
  • When that child stops screaming, in the shop / cinema / plane:  27%
  • When it stops raining:  22%
  • Finding that last spare toilet roll:  18%
  • When your phone battery’s about to die & your friend has a charger:  18%
  • Having an umbrella in your bag when it unexpectedly starts raining:  17%
  • When the trains are on schedule:  15%
  • When a bad film or song ends:  15%
  • Getting a seat on the Tube:  10%
  • When your friend splits up with a partner you didn’t like:  9%
  • Your alarm clock waking you up on time:  8%
  • When the puddle splashes somebody else:  8%


Peter Grainger, Co-founder of CafePod, comments:

“Our research shows the challenges that people are under these days and the creative range of tactics we are using to keep going and survive our fast-paced lives. Today we’re excited to launch our Live Fast. Drink Strong campaign which is centred around our mission to provide coffee lovers with an exciting choice of strength-based coffees to enjoy at home.”


The five most popular productivity boosters at work are listening to your favourite music, having a strong coffee, ticking off your to do list, regular snacks and inspiring colleagues, with the top three things people most dread about the week ahead being feeling skint (42%), stuck in a rut (29%) and the daily grind of the commute and domestic chores (23%). However, come the end of the week 82% of Brits admit to treating themselves to something, whether that be leaving work 10 minutes early, buying a nicer lunch or going for a mini-pamper during lunch break.


The research was commissioned to mark the launch of independent challenger brand CafePod’s “Live Fast. Drink Strong” campaign on 8th October 2018.