5 Pack - Decaffeinated

5 Pack - Decaffeinated

Strength: 8 Espresso

Pack contains 50 Decaffeinated coffee capsules.
Decaffeinated Espresso is a 100% Arabica selection carefully roasted to create plenty of flavour without the caffeine. Our chosen decaffeinated process is chemical-free which gently removes caffeine using water. The espresso has flavours of molasses and citrus fruits complemented by a velvety smooth finish.

Great taste!

So good to find a decaffeinated coffee with loads of flavour!

Chrissie 06/09/16

Great coffee, great price

I only drink decaf coffee and found this to be an excellent strong flavoured coffee 

Gail Anderson 06/09/16

Decaf pods

The pods produce very good strong decaf coffee - better than the propriety Nespresso make in my opinion.

John Tydeman 29/03/16