5 Pack - Supercharger

5 Pack - Supercharger

(27p per capsule)
Pack contains 50 Supercharger coffee capsules.

Great for...

Espresso, Flat White, Latte

Tasting Notes

Cocoa, Roasted Almond, Treacle


Southern India

Supercharger is bold, dynamic and high in caffeine intensity. This 100% Robusta blend has been developed to deliver maximum caffeine without compromise on taste and flavour. Roasted exclusively from the award-winning Kaapi Royale Robusta from southern India, the coffee delivers strength and quality in equal measure. It has flavours of cedar wood, cocoa and spice with hints of almond and treacle.

Quality of coffee!

This is good coffee. It was my first trial of this brand, and it has a fairly hard act to follow. But they did as claimed - quickly delivered, a fair price, and good taste.

Freddie Bird 21/10/15

Just as good as Nespresso, but cheaper!

Tried these as cheaper than Nespresso. Just as good!

Paul Bavin 14/09/15

Excellent coffee!

I have been looking for an alternative to Nespresso who had cornered the market providing coffee pods for their machines but had no success. Not only is it cracking coffee and substantially cheaper than Nespresso but it is British as well! Not only that but great customer service to boot - Nespresso have never phoned me to say what I think and I've been buying their coffee for 5 years at least!

Denis Bundy 21/05/15


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