Intense for Nespresso®

Intense for Nespresso®

Strength: 9 Lungo Capsules: 10

£2.75 Per Pack
A rich, full-bodied coffee with intense flavour

One pack of 10 capsules equates to just 28p per cup!

Intense has a rich, heavy body and intense flavour. By leaving the coffee for a little longer in our traditional drum roaster, we have created a powerful and bold flavour profile – full-bodied with delicious hints of rich dark chocolate and a lingering finish.

Not Quite Sure?

This product has a minimum order quantity of 5 packs. We’re certain you’ll love the taste, but if you’re not sure, one of our discovery packs might be right for you instead.


From the pushing the button on the on-line order to delivery - no problems; no delays; and no washed out coffee blends either! Thank you.

Vanessa 13/09/16


Simply the best in my humble opinion

Robert Lloyd 27/08/16


Lovely flavours. Good strong coffee. No bitterness. Very efficient service. Yummy

Pauline Keen 31/05/16