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Intense Roast
Nespresso® Compatible Pods

Our signature blend has a classic Espresso profile and a moreish quality. It's roasted a little longer for a deeper flavour.

Coffees from Southern India have a unique, moreish malt like quality. We've blended these with sweet, nut forward Latin American coffees and South East Asian Robustas known for their warming spice like qualities. The result is a coffee with a perfect balance of sweetness and kick!

Supremely balanced Indian Arabicas form a base on which bold South East Asian robustas sit harmoniously with coffees from Latin America.

  • TYPE | Lungo
  • BEAN | Arabica & Robusta
  • ROAST | Full & intense
  • SOURCE | South & Central America, South East Asia & India
  • TASTE | Warm spiced malt loaf
  • ENJOY | When you want to get the most out of your day

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