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Helping people make great coffee at home

Back in 2010, the idea for CafePod was born over pizza & beers in London. We had a wild vision for changing coffee. Today, over a decade later, we’re still passionately working towards our goal of making high-quality, great-tasting coffee that’s exciting & easy to prepare at home.


Quality for us means craftsmanship

We obsess over everything that goes into our coffee. From the coffees that we blend, to the settings on our roasters, to the people that bring our product to your door. End-to-end excellence is what we strive for.

Coffee is more than black & white

There’s so much to discover in coffee. From strong coffee to flavoured, decaf, infusions & everything in between. Ours will always be packed full of flavour, whatever takes your fancy.

We see a future of coffee monsters

Monsters? People making coffee at home with pride, with confidence & breaking the rules. We’re here to provide the coffee, tools & the know-how so you can unleash your passion & creativity.