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Great coffee means
great people

Q graders are the wine sommeliers of the coffee industry & we’ve been working with our Q grader John since the beginning. They have to pass through rigorous tests to assess their sensory abilities & prove their potential to craft well-rounded, smooth, great-tasting coffees. With nearly 30 years coffee tasting experience, John is the best of the best.

We support sustainable farming

We’re proud to have Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee in our pods. From fighting deforestation & climate change to creating economic opportunities & better working conditions for rural people, the Rainforest Alliance is helping to build a better future for all.

Bolder, more intense flavours

Beans grown in different regions with different varieties have characteristic flavours & tastes. Growing conditions, altitude, plus the love & care taken with the crop all have an impact. We use all these unique coffees from around the world to create complex, harmonious well-rounded drinks by carefully blending them. We also favour a longer, darker roast which results in bolder, more intense flavours.

Always fresh & great-tasting

We’re obsessed with delivering the best coffee to you we can. We’re particularly picky about the packaging our coffee gets packed in because it helps lock in quality & freshness. The aluminium pods we use for our Nespresso® compatible range are brilliant at doing this & are fully recyclable too. Similarly, the high-quality, resealable bags we use for our whole bean & ground coffee ranges are designed to keep your coffee fresher for longer.