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Nothing beats a cafetière of freshly brewed coffee, especially at the weekend. Because the coffee is infused, cafetière coffees have a more mild flavour than espresso and are perfect if you like a darker cup with less milk.

Here’s our easy guide to making great cafetière coffee.

The Brew Kit You'll Need



Freshly Ground Coffee




Brew the Best Cafetière Coffee

Our step-by-step guide to making great cafetière coffee.

Step #01

Warm the cafetière by rinsing through with freshly boiled water (you can do the same to the mug).

If you are grinding the coffee beans yourself go for medium coarse setting. Otherwise look for a cafetière or omni grind (if it is too fine it may be hard to use the plunger). Our Brunch Blend, SW18 Daily Grind and Intense Roast ground coffees are all ground at this setting.

Step #02

Measure out your coffee into the empty cafetière - tap it lightly to even out the surface. Use 1 heaped tablespoon (around 15g) per 250g mug. That’s about 55-60g for a 1 litre cafetière.

Step #03

Pour in enough water which is just off the boil (92-96ᵒ) to cover the coffee. Leave it for 30 seconds then add water to fill to the top of the cafetière.

Step #04

Leave for 4 minutes then stir once to break the crust. If there is foam you can scoop this off and throw away.

Step #05

Place on the plunger then evenly press this down to the bottom.

Step #06

Pour and enjoy! If there is coffee in the bottom pour into a thermos otherwise it will continue to infuse.

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