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Decaf Espresso
Nespresso® Compatible Pods

We gently decaffeinate using only carbon dioxide. This preserves our bold flavours to create a smooth and guilt free blend.

Decaffeinated using only carbon dioxide to preserve flavour our Decaf is smooth and guilt free. A re-assuring note of roasted coffee combines with further flavours of toasted malt and caramel.

Latin American Arabica coffees are the foundation of this blend from with Indian Arabicas and South East Asian Robustas form further structure.

  • TYPE | Espresso
  • BEAN | Decaffeinated Arabica & Robusta
  • ROAST | A gentle slow roast
  • SOURCE | South & Central America, India, South East Asia
  • TASTE | Roasted coffee, caramel & malt
  • ENJOY | When you want all the taste, just decaf

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